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Per New York State Comptroller Audit, every property within the Water District is responsible for the capital improvement portion of billing.  All properties will be billed based on being developable or non-developable.  All houses or buildings with water service either now or in the past will be charged as a residence the full amount.  Once the new system is in place, water will be metered and be billed according to usage.  Any unpaid water bills will be relevied onto Town and County Tax Bills.

90-Day Violation Letter, November 7, 2015
90-Day Violation Letter, January 5, 2016
90-Day Violation Letter, April 5, 2016
90-Day Violation Letter, October 3, 2016


If you notice your water heater relief valve dripping when connected to the new water system, you may need to install a potable water heater expansion tank.  Example: ST
-5, 2 gallon tank.  Contact your local plumber for more information

Any correspondence to Public Service Commission can be sent to:

    David R. LoBombard
    Public Service Commission
    Three Empire State Plaza
    Albany, NY 12233-1350

Include Case #11-W-0059 in the correspondence

2016 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report
2016 Annual Water Quality Report Certification Form

Voluntary Water Conservation Notice

Water Storage Tank Bid Notice
Water Examination Report, 2012 - 2015
Water District Policy
West Valley Water District Bond Resolution

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